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REDACT- PPB FBC and PFC FBC tracked comparison (v1.06)_Redacted;1.1 Revision History;1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY;1.1 Introduction;1.2 Strategic case;1.2.1 The strategic context;1.2.2 The case … London Final Business Case and Appendices.pdf

Our vision is that every Leeds child with a significant learning difficulty or … local offer of services in Leeds for children … We want Leeds to be a child friendly city for … needs newsletter Feb 2016.pdf

Leeds City Council and that the issues regarding possible flooding liabilities should be … Groundwork Leeds who had been tasked by Leeds Federated Housing, who own the … minutes 18 Nov 14.pdf

R I V E R A I R E … C L M T V W … B L A N D F O R D G D S … C L M T G R … B A N K S T … M A B G A T E … Y O R K P L A C E … P I T T R O W … C I T Y W A L K … H I G H C T L A N E … S I D N E Y S T … markets map.pdf

Welcome to the Leeds Youth Justice Plan 2015/16. The Youth Justice Plan in Leeds should be read in … The YOS continues to support the Leeds Children’s Services obsessions of reducing the … Justice Plan 2015 16.pdf

public and surveys with members of the Leeds Citizen panel. In addition to the quantitative … need to be improved, replaced, re-furbished or re-built in order to meet Leeds City Councils … Market/018 - march 2013 - kirkgate market consultation/Kirkgate Market Stage 2 Engagement Report, January 2012.pdf

safety is paramount. It is very important to Leeds City Council that Operators also fit … Council recognises the very distinct role of Executive vehicles in the ‘special event’ arena Exec PH vehicle WEB.pdf

Web Page
This is the landing page for the Leeds Democracy page

Web Page
This is the landing page for the Leeds Democracy page

As required by Part 2A of the … Chapter 3 Characteristics of the Leeds Area 19 … Chapter 8 Leeds City Council Land 54 … Details characteristics of the Leeds area and environment and how … strategy for Leeds.pdf

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