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If you have moved house recently, or … Preference 1 … informationPreference 2;Sibling information:_Preference 2;School namePreference 3;School name_Preference 3;Pref 3 form given to school … year common preference form.pdf

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Section 1 The child who is … By returning this form unsigned you are agreeing to Leeds City Council using the information detailed in this form for the purposes of offering you a … CPF Paper Form.docView duplicates

to help and support you. This … of the process you need to go … and the rules the local authority … so that we are as fair and … 7 Sixth form applications … 10 Entry into Sixth form secondary school in Leeds.pdf

Children's TransportUnder 16 transport to schoolTransport SEND … 4.2 Where a parent requests that a child should attend a school other than the nearest qualifying school named in the …’s Services Transport Policy.pdf

Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee … Page 1;Page 2;Page 3;Page 4;Page 5;Page 6;Page 7;Page 8;Page 9;Page 10;Page 11;Page 12;Page 13;Page 14;Page 15;Page 16;Page 17;Page 18;Page … JCPCT 2 reports 2.pdf

There will also be a standard form known as the Common Preference Form (CPF) to be … Where a parent chooses to return a paper preference form to a school, the school should: … and Junior co-ordinated admission scheme 2017.pdfView duplicates

There will also be a standard form known as the Common Preference Form (CPF) to be … provide additional information on a Supplementary Information Form. This form can only be … secondary coordination scheme.pdfView duplicates

We understand this and in Leeds … with parents and carers to help … has been designed to do that. It … about the stages of the process … you need to go through, the … Like you, we want the very … Primary School.pdf

Code of Practice to supplement the main … Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice … Copies of this publication can be downloaded from … Hard copies of this publication are available from TSO …

The Code of Practice for the MCA completed its parliamentary passage on 19 April and was formally issued by the Lord Chancellor as statutory guidance on 23 April 2007. When the Act …

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