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Leeds City Council – our ongoing improvement journey 2015 … “Our vision is for Leeds to be a compassionate, caring city that … helps all its residents benefit from the effects of the city’s … Framework Narrative 2015 LCC_final(LGA).pdfView duplicates

After much discussion by customers and staff, and then a vote, … we have a name for the proposed social enterprise. The name of … our new organisation will be … Aspire and we now have a … Newsletter Dec 14.pdf

Agenda;1 Minutes;Minutes of 26 Jan 2011(Special meeting);4 Budget;Council Budget Motion report Appendix 1;Revenue Budget 2011-12 - Council;Council Tax Report 11-12;Capital Programme … reports pack 23rd-feb-2011 13.30 council.pdf?t=10

Music & performing Arts Li Page 1 of 248 brary – Drama Stock January 2016 … Abbot, Rick Allocating Annie : a comedy … Abbot, Rick Play on! : a comedy … Abbott, Ada G. Mother of men : a play in … Stock List January 2016.pdf

Complaints Case Conferences CSB January 2013 (SaE003) -Equality complaints CSB report July … SD001) -Area Committee annual report 2013-2014 (SaE015) Hate Incident Reporting Approach to … document 2. self assessment for equality framework for local government.pdf

Isle area of South Leeds, in January 2013. Every child in the school participates in up to 3 … accessible and sustainable cultural provision in leeds.pdf

Fees and Charges Summary of Current Charges - City Development … Division Service Charge Charge Element Total … Other income Café licence 110,000 15%of R.V x … each 01.01.15 New Calculation … development app overall fc.pdf

Background documents for Scrutiny Board (Citizens and Communities) on 14 September 2015 Pages 1-170: The following background documents were submitted as part of agenda item 8 … documents - 14 september 2015 14th-sep-2015 10.00 scrutiny board citizens and communit.pdf?t=9

Agenda;6 Minutes - 28 September 2015;7 Fees and Charges;Citizens and Communities App Overall FC;Environment and Housing App Overall FC;Housing Revenue Account App Overall FC;City … reports pack 26th-oct-2015 10.00 scrutiny board strategy and resources.pdf?t=10

Please note: Certain or all items on this agenda may be recorded Agenda compiled by: Guy Close Scrutiny Support Unit Tel: 39 50878 Principal Scrutiny Adviser: Sandra Pentelow Tel: 24 … reports pack 18th-nov-2015 10.00 scrutiny board city development.pdf?t=10

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