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Leeds City Council – our ongoing improvement journey 2015 … “Our vision is for Leeds to be a compassionate, caring city that … helps all its residents benefit from the effects of the city’s … Framework Narrative 2015 LCC_final(LGA).pdfView duplicates

Agenda;6 Minutes - 14 October 2015;7 Session 2 - Scrutiny Inquiry into Digital Inclusion;Scrutiny Inquiry - Appendix 1;Scrutiny Inquiry - Appendix 2;Scrutny Inquiry - Appendix 3a … reports pack 18th-nov-2015 10.00 scrutiny board city development.pdf?t=10

- State of the City 2013/14 – emerging key issues (NE003) … - Complaints Case Conferences CSB January 2013 (SaE003) … - Area Committee annual report 2013-2014 (SaE015) … document 2. self assessment for equality framework for local government.pdfView duplicates

Report of Chief Officer, Sport and Culture … Report to Scrutiny Board – City Development … 2. The Council is both a … Belle Isle area of South Leeds, in January 2013. Every child in the school … accessible and sustainable cultural provision in leeds.pdf

Fees and Charges Summary of Current Charges - City Development … Division Service Charge Charge Element Total … Other income Café licence 110,000 15%of R.V x … each 01.01.15 New Calculation … development app overall fc.pdf

Agenda;8 Equality Improvement Priorities 2016-2020 and Equality Framework Reaccreditation;Background document 2. Self assessment for Equality Framework for Local Government;Background … documents - 14 september 2015 14th-sep-2015 10.00 scrutiny board citizens and communit.pdf?t=9

Agenda;1 Minutes;Minutes of 26 Jan 2011(Special meeting);4 Budget;Council Budget Motion report Appendix 1;Revenue Budget 2011-12 - Council;Council Tax Report 11-12;Capital Programme … reports pack 23rd-feb-2011 13.30 council.pdf?t=10

Agenda;6 Minutes - 28 September 2015;7 Fees and Charges;Citizens and Communities App Overall FC;Environment and Housing App Overall FC;Housing Revenue Account App Overall FC;City … reports pack 26th-oct-2015 10.00 scrutiny board strategy and resources.pdf?t=10

A meeting of the Council will be held in the Civic Hall, Leeds on Wednesday, 16th November, 2011 at 1.45 pm Members of the Council are invited to attend and transact the following … reports pack 16th-nov-2011 13.45 council.pdf?t=10

Agenda item: Originator: A T Gay Tel: 74226 Report of the Director of Resources Executive Board Date: 11th February 2011 Subject: Revenue Budget and Council Tax 2011/12 Eligible for … budget 2011-12 - council.pdf

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