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13.3 Connexions Targeted Services;Leeds City Council … school age. Compulsory school age ceases on the last Friday in June in the school year in which a child reaches the … transport policy statement 2016-2017.pdf

Helping Leeds people with money problems 1 … If you are worried about money, debt, struggling to pay bills or … thinking of taking out a loan, this leaflet provides … with managing your money.pdf

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This is the landing page for the Leeds Democracy page duplicates

Policy will be published by 1st January 2014. Background We developed and consulted upon the … are likely to come into effect in 2014. These changes make fundamental changes to the way … of licensing policy 2014-2018 appendix 1.pdfView duplicates

Taxi and private hire trade information … Leeds City CounCiL… Christmas CLosure 2015/16 … As in previous years, Leeds City Council again intend to focus on keeping essential services and … Leeds Newsletter issue 24 Low res.pdf amr dpp february 2014 appendix 1.pdf

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This is the landing page for the Leeds Democracy page

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