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Welcome to Safer Leeds, a community safety partnership involving Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and partners. The partnership works from different locations across the city, but are focused on 2 Great George Street in the City Centre. CCTV.aspx

The Traffic Management (Leeds City Council) Permit Scheme Order … its powers conferred by Section 334 (2) of the Traffic Management Act 2004, the Traffic … 1. This Order may be cited as the … City Council Permit Scheme 2015.pdf

Report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance … Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Reform of anti-social behaviour powersStatutory guidance for frontline … Documents/ASB crime and policing act.pdf

Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse A guide to support practitioners and managersSecond edition 2015Contents Introduction: quick reference guide 61. Making the connections between …

5 Fixed penalty offences … 6 Fixed penalty notices … 8 Fixed penalties: reserve powers of Secretary of State … 10 Provision of information to authorised officer … An Act to confer powers on Leeds … City Council Act 2013.pdf

The Leeds Neighbourhood Approach was launched in … the Recreations in Spring 2015, when we focused on … the streets nearest to Top Moor Side. In summer we … extended the area to include the … Newsletter 2 (2016).pdf

Applying for a Hackney carriage or private hire drivers licenceTaxi and private hire licensing DBS checksTaxi and private hire trade information … Drug crime – organised crime, supply 6 … convictions policy.pdf

Report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance … Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team Policy & Procedures Part B: ASB Procedures Revised December 2015 2 LEEDS CITY COUNCIL: ANTI-SOCIAL … Documents/ASB Procedures.pdf

2 Approving a sub-delegation scheme should be treated as a Significant Operational Decision, and the Delegated Decision Notice, together with supporting report, and the … delegation scheme.pdfView duplicates

out in the report ü ü 2.2 There is a fixed penalty for the offence of £40. If an arrest is necessary, the penalty on conviction is a fine of up to £500 … dppo report.pdfView duplicates

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