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The Council has made good progress in bringing forward the package of transport measures that will be essential to support the development of the East Leeds Extension strategic growth … Financial Plan 2017-18 FINAL.pdf

Report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance … Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Reform of anti-social behaviour powersStatutory guidance for frontline … Documents/ASB crime and policing act.pdf

5 Fixed penalty offences … 6 Fixed penalty notices … 8 Fixed penalties: reserve powers of Secretary of State … 10 Provision of information to authorised officer … An Act to confer powers on Leeds … City Council Act 2013.pdf

Taxi and private hire vehiclesApplying for a Hackney carriage or private hire drivers licence … Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Legal, Licensing & Registration … TO THE GRANT OF A PRIVATE … PH operator WEB.pdf

Report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance … Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team Policy & Procedures Part B: ASB Procedures Revised December 2015 2 LEEDS CITY COUNCIL: ANTI-SOCIAL … Documents/ASB Procedures.pdf

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Welcome to Safer Leeds, a community safety partnership involving Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and partners. The partnership works from different locations across the city, but are focused on 2 Great George Street in the City Centre. CCTV.aspx

Agenda 13th November 2015;Item 1b Draft CTB minutes 11 09 2015;Item 2b(i) Cover Report CFTB_Nov 15;Item 2b(ii) 4. LSCB Annual report Executive Summary 2014-15;Item 2c CYPP report cards … and papers 13 11 15.pdf

confirmation of your test date, you may attend the licensing office and book an applicant … the licensing office to arrange an appointment for your seminar and customer care course. … Carriage Driver Application.pdfView duplicates

3. Power of district council to adopt Schedule 4. … 4. Closing hours for take-away food shops. … 5. Closing orders etc.-procedure and appeals. … 7. Refreshments etc. on licensed premises. … Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.pdf

1. INTRODUCTION TO THE CORE STRATEGY SELECTIVE … 1.1 Structure of the report 1 … 1.3 What is a Sustainability Appraisal 4 … 1.4 Legislative Requirement for Sustainability Appraisal 5 … Plans/Core Strategy Review/CSSR draft SA Report - Dec 2017.pdf

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