Review into proposals for future of adult social care in Leeds

Published : 03/02/2015 00:00

Review into proposals for future of adult social care in Leeds

​Council chiefs in Leeds have pledged to carry out a new and thorough review before consulting on the future of the authority’s remaining specialist residential care and day centres.

Leeds City Council’s executive board have previously supported proposals which included consultation on decommissioning Siegen Manor in Morley, Middlecross in Armley and The Green in Seacroft along with their associated day centres.

The next phase of the Better Lives Strategy would also see permanent admissions to Knowle Manor in Morley and Spring Gardens in Otley cease once a suitable alternative has been identified.

The proposals also include consultation on the provision of the council’s in house community support service.

Consultation on the strategy was due to begin in January.

But following detailed discussions with staff and trade unions, the council has agreed to put the consultation on hold to give more time to gather further information and projections.

Councillor Adam Ogilvie, Leeds City Council’s executive member for adult social care, said:

“We understand that this consultation may create a lot of uncertainly for those receiving care, their families and our staff.

“Whilst we are keen to keep any delay to a minimum, it is imperative that any decisions over the future of important services like these are taken only when all the available facts have been gathered and everyone has been given the chance to have their say.

“That is why, after further discussions with officials from the relevant trade unions, we have decided to put the start of the consultation back until we can carry out a new and thorough review of all the information we have used to draw up our proposals.”

The review is expected to be completed by spring 2015. The outcome will then determine how the consultation will progress.

Cllr Ogilvie added: “I would like once again assure everyone that no decisions will be made until a detailed consultation has been completed and we will keep all those affected fully informed.

“Until that time we will continue to admit people wishing to enter our residential care homes and our social workers will as always support people every step of the way.

“We have also made a commitment to encourage proposals from trade unions and staff, who may wish to develop their own ideas for alternative service delivery models for consideration by the council’s executive board.”

The Better Lives proposals are part of a four year strategy for how adult social care can continue to be provided in Leeds in the face of unprecedented budget cuts which will see the council save £48m over the next year alone.

If they progress, proposals for this next phase would save the council £4m over the next four years, contributing to overall budget savings.