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Special events

Light Night at Carriageworks Theatre

4 October 2013

Whole Venue: 5pm - 10pm


Carriageworks Theatre opens its doors for Light Night, Leeds!
Dozens of Leeds artist will be performing around the venue. Visitors will have access to the best viewing rooms to watch the activities on Millennium Square and to see Momentus screened on the Civic Hall. There will be a Child Friendly activity room to bring your family or friends out of the cold.
Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers - Level 2: Room 1
directed by: Ruth Cooper
"So you're running away to join the circus? Well you've come to the right place."
Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers demonstrate the finest of circus acts -  the brave Lion Tamers, the amazing Acrobats, the hilarious Clowns, the dare-devil Fire Eaters and the Strongman's incredible feats of power. All to give you a taste of the circus and what to expect if your application it join is approved.

Colour Music - Level 4: Upstairs @ The Carriageworks
Produced by: Kelli Zezulka
Colour Music is based on the colour music experiments of the early twentieth century, where a cinema organ was converted to control lighting to accompany music. In this version, however, the lighting will be controlled via a MIDI keyboard, with each key controlling a different light. When a piece of music is played on the keyboard, the lights will change accordingly with the music, as if the pianist were playing the lights. Colour Music can be enjoyed by people of all ages and at least half of the session will include audience members participating in the event. This is suitable for children as well as adults, just as it is suitable for both amateurs and professionals in lighting or music.

Lindy Hop on Stage - Level 1: Main Auditorium
Lindy Friday's offers a free Lindy Hop taster class followed by a free dance.

Planet Leeds viewing room - Level 2: Bar
Planet Leeds are pleased to present a rolling set of inter-cultural music and performance throughout the evening, featuring artists from all across the diverse communities and cultures of our city. Featuring stand-alone performances, and also collaborative sets for the performers to create fusions of their different traditions, vibes and sounds. They will be performing in Carriageworks Theatre glass walled bar providing breathtaking views of Momentus on the Civic Hall as well as various other activities taking place on Millennium Square.

Carriageworks Family Fun - Level 1: Millennium Room
Carriagworks Theatre hosts a family friendly environment with colouring and activities for young people. It will be cosy and warm inside but with a brilliant view of Momentus on the Civic Hall as well as various other activities taking place on Millennium Square.

Price:   FREE

Contact details:   0113 224 3801

Additional information:  


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