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Skills Development

Do you want to develop your staff to meet the future needs of your business? Do you want to support your staff to gain additional qualifications?

Employment Leeds works in partnership with businesses and local training providers in Leeds to develop high quality programmes of learning.

Employment Leeds can help you to get the necessary support and advice you need for enhancing the qualifications and/or performance of your staff.

Employment Leeds is committed to communicating with businesses at every stage of the enquiry process, within agreed timescales, offering a personal, hands on approach to addressing your business needs.

This may include:

• Advice on Apprenticeships. (If your business employs less than 250 staff and you are thinking about taking an Apprentice, but not employing the person, you may want to check out the newly launched Leeds ATA web site.) 
• Liaising with local Further Education providers
• Advice on financial incentives