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Taxi and private hire vehicles

The public must be safe and comfortable in a licensed vehicle and there is an expectation that this will be the case when a vehicle has been licensed by Leeds City Council. Only vehicles which meet all of our conditions and comply with MOT standards will be licensed.

This page contains some of our frequently asked questions.

Do you have an approved list of private hire vehicles?

There isn't an approved list of private hire vehicles as each make and model is assessed individually; the vehicle must be inspected on site by one of our vehicle examiners.

Any vehicle with more than 4 passenger seats must have the seating inspected before being booked in for an inspection. This is to ensure that they meet our criteria.  ​

Do you have an approved list of Hackney carriage (taxi) vehicles?

Yes, the approved lists for Hackney carriage (taxi) saloon and wheelchair accessible vehicles are available to view and download from the Documents section on this page. 

These approved lists will be useful if you want to purchase a vehicle as you can refer to the list to see which vehicles have previously been inspected by us and found to comply with the conditions attached to such a vehicle licence. 

You don't have to purchase vehicles of the type listed but you should be aware that if you buy a vehicle which has not previously been inspected and found to comply with our conditions, your vehicle will be subject to a detailed inspection by our vehicle examiners. This is to ensure that the vehicle meets our licensing conditions and complies with the appropriate EC certificate of conformity.  

Are there any age restrictions on vehicles?

Yes! Before investing in a vehicle remember to check the age of the vehicle. 

Only vehicles up to five years old will be licensed. Vehicle licences will normally only be renewed up to seven years old i.e. the last licence a vehicle will be granted will be prior to its seventh year. 

How do I renew my licence?

You can download renewal forms from the 'Taxi and private hire trade information' page in the Related pages section. 

I want to transfer my hackney carriage vehicle licence

Applications for Hackney carriage transfers must be made in writing and we will make an appointment for an interview with the licensing manager, or their nominee.  The interview requires the attendance of both the current licensed proprietor and the proposed new owner.​

I want to transfer my private hire vehicle licence

If you sell or transfer your private hire vehicle licence you must inform us in writing within 14 days, stating the name and address of the person you have sold the vehicle to.

Make sure you get the plate changed from your name into their name. The new owner must provide part 2 of the V5 Registration document, bill of sale and a completed notice of transfer form.  When we have received the relevant documentation and applicable fee (the fee includes an HPI check) the transfer will be completed and our records updated. ​​

I want to licence a new vehicle, what documentation do I need?

You must bring the following into the office – bill of sale; green new keepers slip (V5); MOT certificate; appropriate fee in cash or cheque.

I represent a car rental company, how can I rent vehicles to licensed drivers in Leeds?

You will need to register with us if you wish to licence a fleet of vehicles.  To do this please make an appointment with our Principal Vehicle Examiner for approval. 

A DBS check must be undertaken. 

Drivers of the vehicle must be existing licence holders in the Leeds district and produce a letter of permission to use the vehicle containing both the driver and vehicle details.

The driver must also produce a valid insurance document in the rental company’s name, order a new set of door stickers (if the previous ones have been removed), display their Operator stickers and be issued with a new window disc. ​

What do I do if I have an accident?

You must inform us, in person, within 72 hours of the accident taking place.​

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