Taxi and private hire trade information for drivers, proprietors and operators
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Taxi and private hire trade information for drivers, proprietors and operators

This page contains information that is particularly relevant to those working in the taxi and private hire trade. You can download further forms (including renewal forms), guidance documents and minutes of meetings from the expandable Documents section on this page.

Click to expandHow much does it cost to renew my licence?


A list of our current prices can be found within the Documents section of this page.​

Click to expandI'm interested in becoming a private hire operator...

​​I'm interested in becoming a private hire operator, what do I need to apply?

Please see section 4.2 of our guide to obtaining a private hire licence, available in the documents section, for a comprehensive overview.​

Click to expandHow do I renew my vehicle licence?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your licence is renewed before its expiry date: a completed renewal form must be submitted in person at the Taxi and Private Hire Section prior to your current licence expiring. You can find the renewal form in the documents section.

In order to proceed with the renewal, you must:
-Ensure your renewal form is stamped and signed by your Operator
-Produce your current Private Hire vehicle disc
-Produce a valid Certificate of Insurance covering the use of Hire & Reward
-Produce the current MOT certificate as applicable
-Produce a current tail lift certificate as applicable
-Produce the Registration document (V5C)
-Pay the applicable fee payable by cash, debit card or cheque, made payable to Leeds City Council.

Please refer to the separate guidance document ‘Extension to Age Criteria’ which is available in the Documents section of this page if you wish to licence your vehicle beyond 7 years of age.

IMPORTANT - If you do not renew on time the vehicle will be treated as a ‘new’ application and you will need to go through the same procedure as that specified for the grant of a licence.  If the vehicle is over 5 years old, the licence would not be granted as per the Age Criteria condition.

Our Address

Taxi and Private Hire Licensing

225 York Road

Leeds, LS9 7RY

Mon-Thurs: 8am to 3:30pm

Friday: 8am to 3pm

Please Note: Staff training every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Tele: 0113 3781570



Please Note: Staff training every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Click to expandHow do you keep me informed of changes to policy or updates to the service?

We are keen to improve the way we interact and communicate with the licensed trade and the quickest and easiest way for us to do this is via email. 

By providing us with an email address we can reach you directly when we need to share important information or consult upon changes.

A quarterly newsletter is produced by the Section which aims to be informative and useful to you. This is sent out electronically where we hold an email address or posted out to your home address.

We also hold regular forums with both Hackney carriage and private hire representatives.  These give us the opportunity to inform you of any changes being considered and provide an opportunity for trade representatives to let us know about any their issues and give feedback on consultation issues.

>Minutes from previous forums are available to view and download from the Documents section of this page. 

Click to expandWho approves changes to policy and the introduction of new policies?

The Licensing Committee deals with business related to the Taxi and Private Hire Section, the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005 and is made up of elected members with responsibility for developing and approving important policies.

Further information can be found by following in the External links section.​

Click to expandHow do you review the service you offer?

We undertake regular customer satisfaction surveys and the feedback from these surveys is vital to our success and development. The results of these surveys and what we have done in response to them are available to view and download.

Click to expandI am a private hire driver and want to become a Hackney carriage driver. What do I need to do?

Find a current Hackney Carriage proprietor to sponsor you and then complete a new application, including a DBS check. You must undergo a local knowledge test and attend a disability awareness seminar. If you have not already undertaken one, you will also need to pass an English comprehension test.

Click to expandHow can I appeal against a suspension, revocation or refusal to grant a licence?

You must contact the Magistrates Court directly within 21 days of the date on your decision letter.

Click to expandWhat do I do if I have picked up points for speeding?

Always let us know, in writing, if you receive any conviction, caution or motoring endorsement within 72 hours.

If it is a motoring endorsement, do not wait for your licence to come back from the DVLA before telling us.

To view documents in PDF format you will require the free Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

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