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Taxi and private hire licensing consultation

The Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Section currently have three policies under review and out for public consultation;
1. Convictions Criteria
2. Hackney Carriage Proprietors - appropriate suitability assessment
3. 3 year driver licences
The reports that were presented to the Licensing Committee regarding these policies can be found in the Documents area of this page.
Information can also be found via Talking Point Leeds; a link to which can be found under the External links area of this page.
Consultation closes for Convictions Criteria:
Friday 11th April 2014
Consultation closes for Hackney Carriage Proprietors - appropriate suitability assessment:
Thursday 17th April
Consultation closes for 3 year driver licences:
Thursday 17th April
You are invited to submit your views on the change proposals for our policies via email;
Or write to us at;
Taxi & Private Hire Licensing
225 York Road
1.  Convictions Criteria - Summary
Before granting a private hire driver, private hire operator, Hackney carriage driver or Hackney carriage proprietor licence, the Council has a statutory obligations to ensure the applicant is a 'fit and proper' person.  That requirement remains with the Council throughout the lifetime of a licence and at the point of renewal. 
A key part in determining this is the convictions criteria which describe and try to assess the potential risk to the public and the Council by categorising types of crime and driving convictions.  
A report was prepared for the Licensing Committee and was heard by Elected Members on 14 January 2014.  
The report sets out the background to the convictions criteria and the legal issues and contains change proposals to a number of different categories.  
Consultation timescales 
Because of the amount of information and interest in this subject the report has been put out for a full 3 month period of consultation.  
2. Hackney Carriage Proprietors - appropriate suitability assessment - Summary
The Council has in place an approved policy for dealing with the transfer of Hackney carriage proprietor licences which applies a suitability requirement in respect of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) convictions check and an English language comprehension assessment.
Representations have been made by the Hackney carriage trade that the English comprehension requirement should be removed on the basis that when a proprietor dies, the widow could be excluded from taking over the proprietorship because of a lack of English language skills. 
The legal consequence of introducing such a policy is that it may effectively remove the English language requirement in another significant part of the licensing functions. The scope of any such change would have to apply significantly beyond the trades request and apply to all Hackney carriage proprietors.
Consultation timescales 
Because this policy has previously been consulted on, a 1 month period of consultation has been agreed. 
3. 3 year driver licences
Private hire and Hackney carriage driver licences can be granted on an annual basis or to a maximum of three years.  The Section now has a licensing system in place which is capable of granting three year licences and representations have been made by some members of the trade to introduce such a policy to support these. 
A proposed policy has been drafted and is included within the body of the report presented to the Licensing Committee on 11th March 2014. It is this proposed policy that we are consulting upon.
Consultation timescales 
A 1 month period of consultation has been agreed.