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Taxi and private hire licensing consultation

The Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Section is currently undertaking three public consultations:

  • Consultation 1: Additional Safeguarding Proposals
  • Consultation 2: Publication of Licensing Prosecutions
  • Consultation 3: Bonnet Livery

Consultation 1: Additional Licensing Safeguarding Proposals
What are the proposals?
The full report presented to Licensing Committee on 7 October 2014 can be found by clicking here.

The overall aim is to identify licensing controls  which will contribute to increased public safety and reduce the risk of inappropriate behaviour, including sexually motivated behaviour, to the travelling public.  This could be achieved by;

A more appropriate point of entry ‘fit & proper person’ test
Expanding the reporting requirements for licensed drivers of incidents in which allegations are made about them to the Police
Adopting an increased frequency of DBS checking

Why is this being reviewed? 
The existing licensing  controls at the point of entry to the licensed trade could be improved upon in respect of non UK residents although any proposals must be carefully considered to balance the human rights of individuals, areas of equality and public safety responsibilities.

It is suggested that the proposals strengthen the decision making process and these are now presented for public consultation. 

Consultation timescales 
A 1 month period of consultation has been agreed. 
Consultation closes:
Monday 10th November 2014

Consultation 2: Publication of Licensing Prosecutions

In recent years there have been repeated suggestions that the results of the Sections’ enforcement action should be published on the Leeds City Council website.  

The view of Elected Members and Officers is that they do not want to ‘name and shame’ individuals but do recognise that there are benefits in terms of awareness and deterrence by these prosecutions being made public.  

You can follow this link to view an example of how Birmingham City Council publish their prosecutions.

Why is this being reviewed?

The trade raised this issue during recent Working Group consultation meetings and it is proposed to put a report to the Licensing Committee for them to consider.

Public reporting would be restricted to the publication of criminal convictions, resulting from Leeds City Council enforcement activity, and the revocation of licences and this information is already in the public domain.  

Other licensing decisions are also in the public domain via
this link.

To make this more accessible and in one place, Officers will support the proposal that this level of reporting is available to view on our webpage. 

Consultation timescales

A 1 month period of consultation has been agreed.

Consultation closes:

Friday 31 October 2014

Consultation 3: Bonnet Livery

As you are aware the Private Hire Vehicle conditions (3. Signs and Markings) currently state that it is mandatory to display a rear licence plate, livery to both front doors & windscreen visor signs to the front & rear.

However, the condition also states that;

The vehicle proprietor may also display further approved livery on the bonnet if they so choose, giving details of the vehicle operator.

This condition is now being reviewed with a view to being made mandatory and it this proposal that is being consulted upon.

Why is this being reviewed?

The review is under way in light of plying for hire issues and CCTV usage; ease of identification of private hire vehicles by customers and as a benefit to easier identification of private hire vehicles which may be involved in suspected illegal activities.

Elected Members of the Licensing Committee will consider whether to introduce a mandatory requirement to display livery on the bonnet; as this measure would increase public safety the Chair of the Licensing Committee, following a Working Groups recommendation, has asked the Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Section to begin immediate consultation on this issue.

Consultation timescales

A 1 month period of consultation has been agreed.

Consultation closes:

Friday 31 October 2014

Talking Point, the Council’s consultation tool, has also been updated.

You are invited to submit your views via email;

Or write to us at;

Taxi & Private Hire Licensing
225 York Road
LS9 7RY​​​​

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