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Street Cafe Licensing

Street cafés make a positive contribution to the city by adding vitality and colour to the street scene. They also aid the local economy and add to the facilities offered to people to visit, live and work in Leeds.

If your business serves food and you would like to increase your number of covers by utilising outside space, why not contact us to see if your premises would be eligible for a street café on the public highway. In order to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and your customers, and to support your business, guidelines are available which state the requirements you must be able to fulfil in order to hold a Street Café Licence. To find out about these please contact City Centre Management on 0113 247 4471 or at streetcafes@leeds.gov.uk for further information or advice.

Please note that if your business is outside of Leeds city centre you will need to contact Highways Network Management on 0113 395 2081 or at streetworks.coordination@leeds.gov.uk

For more information on promoting your business in Leeds city centre see related pages. 

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