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Lamppost banner advertising (City Dressing)

The council has set up an exclusive contract with Bay Media to manage the production and installation of large lamppost banners around the city.

At present we have 166 sites in the city centre for banner displays.

Some of the sites are reserved for promotion of city events but the balance of the sites can be used to promote other events and festivals.

The council’s city dressing partner, Bay Media, offers promoters a totally managed service including printing, production, installation, removal and recycling.

The city dressing initiative has been developed to effectively promote events to the residents and visitors in Leeds. The banners must contain messages that promote the city and reinforce a positive image for Leeds. All banner artwork is approved by council officers before banners are produced.

Want to know more?

Go to the Visit Leeds website (see external links)

If your company is interested in promoting on these banner spaces call Bay Media direct on 020 8343 2525 and ask for Bruce Bignell or email bruce.bignell@baymedia.co.uk.