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HMO Licence Fees

Property Type                (Accredited)                            (Non-accredited)

5-6 Occupants                      £583.45                                   £700.14

7-8 Occupants                      £749.27                                   £908.96

9-14 Occupants                  £1,105.49                                £1,332.73

15-19 Occupants                £1,228.32                                £1,455.56

20 or more occupants         £1,351.15                                 £1,578.39

Licence Discounts.
A discount has been applied to the invoice for a HMO licence if, at the time of issuing the invoice, the applicant for the HMO licence owns the property and is a confirmed member of the Leeds Landlords' Accreditation Scheme (as administered by RLAAS Ltd) and/or a full, not just advertising member of the UNIPOL Code of Standards. The accreditation discount to the HMO licence fee will NOT be applied if we issue a invoice and your application to either of the above accreditation schemes is pending. You should note that once you have submitted your HMO licence application in most cases an invoice is issued immediately. We will not retrospectively apply the accreditation discount to an existing invoice and there is no ‘proxy’ entitlement to the accreditation discount by virtue of an ‘association’ between a none accredited and an accredited member.  Accreditation discounts will not be available to landlords where it appears that a timely application has not been made to the council.
There is also a discount if you are a member of the UNIPOL Code of Standards. If you only use UNIPOL to advertise your property you will have to pay the full amount. We check the UNIPOL database for your membership details. If our check reveals you are not entitled to the discount then it will not be applied. Ensure your details on the UNIPOL database are correct at the time of making your application.

If we receive a request to alter a licence there will be a charge of £100 per licence. Multiple variations may be eligible for a discount depending on the nature and complexity of the request.
We will charge £150 for any application we receive from a landlord who wants to ‘buy’ the unexpired term of an existing licence. This can arise for instance, if you have bought a licensed property from an existing licence holder, and you want to apply for a new HMO licence in your own name. Any application in respect of a recently purchased licensable HMO must be submitted within 14 days of completion and accompanied with a solicitor's letter confirming the date of completion. Application, renewal and request for variation forms can be found in the 'Documents' section on this page.

If you need any more help or advice, please contact us on 0113 247 6248 or by using the 'contact us' form


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