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Houses in Multiple Occupation Licensing

Mandatory Licensing of  Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) 

If you are a private landlord/managing agent and let out a property as a licensable HMO, that property must have a valid licence issued by the council. A licensable HMO is one where the property:

  • Comprises 3 or more storeys;
  • Has 5 or more unrelated occupiers (consisting of 2 or more households) and;
  • Who share an amenity such as a kitchen, toilet, bathroom or lounge.

If the property consists of a mixture of self-contained flats and flats where the tenant has to go out of their flat usually through a communal area to make use of an amenity as described above (whether for their exclusive use or not), then this may require a HMO licence. In addition, properties let above commercial premises may require a HMO licence.

How do I apply for a Licence?

A house in multiple occupancy application form is provided in the Documents section entitled 'HMO Licence App'. Please complete this and send it to us. A fee will be charged for this service. Do not enclose any payment. You will be invoiced after you have submitted your application. If you wish to renew an existing licence which has not yet expired, complete the 'HMO Renewal App'.

How do I make changes to my licence?

If you wish to make any changes to your HMO licence you must formally apply to us before these changes take place. A variation form for you to do this is provided in the Documents section. A fee is charged for this service.

Check the Register.

If you manage or operate a licencable property without a valid licence you will be breaking the law. Check on the 'Houses in Multiple Occupation Register of Licences Issued' in the 'Related Pages' section to see if a licence has been issued.

Building control and planning.

We issue HMO licenses in accordance with the Housing Act 2004. We cannot refuse to issue a licence because a property does not have the relevant building control/planning approvals. Therefore, you must seek separate advice on this matter. Further information regarding Planning and the Article 4 Directive can be found in our External links section.

For further information contact the HMO Licensing Team: Tel: 0113 247 6248.