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Community Right to Challenge

The Community Right to Challenge allows applicants (known as ‘relevant bodies’) to submit an expression of interest to provide, or assist in providing, a council service. Acceptance of an expression will trigger an open procurement exercise.

Expressions of interest may be submitted by ‘relevant bodies’ and these are defined as:
  • voluntary and community bodies;
  • charities;
  • a group of two or more employees of the authority; and
  • parish councils.
We welcome the opportunity to talk to organisations about service delivery and improvement to best meet the needs of service users. We recognise the valuable role that voluntary and community organisations have to play in the delivery of local services and are committed to working closely with you. 

All organisations that are interested in putting in an ‘expression of interest’ to run a service are asked to contact us to have informal discussions on service delivery and improvement.

Initial contact can be made on:
Telephone number: (0113) 39 52451
Email address: cpu@leeds.gov.uk
Postal address: Community Right to Challenge, PPPU/PU, Leeds City Council, Civic Hall, Leeds LS1 1UR. 
Text telephone: 0113 3952451 

If you wish to make a formal expression of interest then please complete the form (available in the documents section) at any time and submit it by registering at www.yortender.co.uk or by post or email as above.  

We will make a decision based upon the information in the form and in accordance with the Localism Act 2011. We will acknowledge receipt, and within 30 days we will let you know the date by which you will receive a decision on your application. Our decision will be to either accept your expression, ask you to modify or reject it. If we accept your expression, then we will invite your organisation to compete in an open procurement exercise.

If you wish to complete a form then please refer to the Community Right to Challenge Statutory Guidance for further information (link available​ in the external links section).  Please put ‘community right to challenge’ in the ‘search’ function and then open the ‘Community Right to Challenge: Statutory Guidance’ document.

Received expressions of interest:
An expression of interest in relation to Horsforth Music Centre was received on 17 October 2014.  The maximum period between this submission and the decision being made will be 9 months. We will make the decision more quickly than this where possible.