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City Centre Opportunities

Promoting Your Business
There are currently eight outdoor promotional spaces situated within the city centre’s retail core.  The spaces provide an excellent promotional opportunity and all are in areas of high footfall.  Average weekly footfall across the city centre is 1 million, with Saturday seeing up to 233,000 visitors.  City centre businesses receive 25% discount on bookings. The Event Space Guide & Map in Documents section give more information.  For larger events and promotions, Millennium Square and Victoria Gardens provide additional opportunities; further information is given in the Related Pages section.

Street Cafes
Pavement cafes make a positive contribution to the city.  If your business serves food and you would like to increase your number of covers by utilising outside space, why not contact us to see if your premises would be eligible for a street cafe on the public highway.  Guidelines are available in the Related Pages section which state the requirements you must be able to fulfil in order to hold a Street Cafe Licence.

Leeds welcomes production crews to the city centre.  If your set up is very small, for example just yourself and a camera, then you do not need our permission but if you have more than two crew and a variety of equipment then please use the Contact Us section.

Leeds welcomes creative activities that enhance the atmosphere of the city centre. Buskers & street artists who wish to perform should follow our code of conduct (see Downloads) and show consideration to businesses, shoppers and other artists. 

Giving out Leaflets
Anyone giving out leaflets or other printed material in the city centre needs a permit.  These are available to buy via the link in the Related Pages section.

Collecting for Charity
A Street Collection Permit is required so competing charities aren’t collecting in the same area.  These can be obtained from our Entertainment Licensing Team, please see the Related Pages section.

Market Research
If you wish to carry out market research you need to wear identification and you should keep doorways and footpaths clear.  If you are carrying out a large piece of market research with a number of surveyors, please use the Contact Us section.  You should be aware of and follow the Market Research Association’s code of conduct:
• Conduct research in an honest and ethical manner
• Instill confidence in research to encourage public cooperation
• Instill confidence that research is done in a professional and fair manner
• To provide members with guidelines that lead to research being conducted in accordance with scientific, statistical and proven practical methods.
• Carry out every research project in accordance with the Code
• Respect the general public and its rights

Other Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities 
There are a number of opportunities throughout the city.  Please see the Related Pages section.