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Animal welfare

Animal health, livestock and farm animals
We are responsible for the enforcement of animal health legislation relating to farm and livestock within the city. Our aim is to prevent and control animal disease and ensure food traceability from farm to fork. This includes making sure livestock is correctly identified and have the necessary movement documents and cattle passports. We check records at livestock holdings, markets and inspect livestock during transportation. We also ensure that carcasses are disposed of by the correct methods to reduce the risk of disease.
The DEFRA website provides extensive information about legislation, policy, regulation and guidance in relation to keeping livestock and farming.
Animal movement licensing
Since the Foot and Mouth out break of 2001 strict controls for the movement of livestock have been in place. This involves the use of movement licenses for sheep, goats, pigs and deer. The movement documents for sheep and goats (form AML1) pigs (form AML2 ) and deer (form AML24) can all be downloaded from the appropriate pages of the DEFRA website the links to which can be found on our external links section on this page.
Animal welfare licences
We regulate business activities to safeguard animal health and welfare. We issue licences and carry out inspections to make sure welfare regulations are complied with. Please see the related pages on this page which provide detailed information about each licence as well as application forms in PDF format to download which can be found in our Documents section. However, if you wish to apply for either a zoo licence or a licence for home boarding cats, please use the contact us section to email us.
The current fees are shown below;
■ Pet shop  £115
■ Animal boarding establishment  £115
■ Dog breeding establishment  £101
■ Home boarders - initial application  £101
■ Home boarders - re application  £44
■ Dangerous wild animal  £75
■ Riding establishment  £118
■ Performing animals  £122
■ Zoo  £210